Featured Talks: British Home Children by Dr Patricia Roberts-Pichette

Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette volunteered to help the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa/Library and Archives Canada indexing projects of home children documents

Finding Your Home Child Ancestor Who Settled in the Maritimes

Agencies settling home children in the Maritimes will be identified with emphasis on John T. Middlemore’s Children’s Emigration Homes. Types of records, where they have been archived and which ones have been indexed will be discussed. Included will be examples of the different types of documents that may be obtained.

What John T. Middlemore’s Home Children Left Behind in Birmingham, England

The living conditions in the areas of Birmingham’s working class—the back-to-back houses and their enclosed courts and common lodging houses—will be described. Attempts made to improve the physical environment as well as social safety nets and places of refuge will also be discussed.

The Impact of John T. Middlemore’s Decision to Settle Home Children around Fredericton, New Brunswick from 1885 to 1891

Two New Brunswickers on different transatlantic voyages, enthusiastically suggested that good homes could be found for children in New Brunswick. After 12 years settling children in Ontario, in 1885 John T. Middlemore started bringing small parties of juvenile immigrants to Fredericton for settlement. Results of this decision will be discussed.


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