Featured Talks by Georges Arsenault

The Odyssey of Pierre Poirier/Perry During the
Acadian Great Upheaval by Georges Arsenault

Pierre Poirier is the ancestor of a great number of Poiriers and Perrys in Canada and the USA. When the Deportation of the Acadians began in 1755, he was a young married man living in Tintamarre (N.B.). He escaped deportation twice and finally settled with his family in Prince Edward Island. Recently found documents from the 1760s have helped elucidate part of the family history.

Historian and folklorist, Georges Arsenault is a native of Abram-Village, Prince Edward Island

What does Samuel Holland’s survey tell us about the presence of Acadians on the Island before and after the 1758 Deportation? by George Arseneault


In 1764-1765, surveyor Samuel Holland conducted a detailed survey of P.E.I. His correspondence, his report of the survey, and the large map that he created contain a substantial amount of information pertaining not only to the 30 Acadians families that were on the Island at the time of the survey, but also to the pre-Deportation Acadian community. Thanks to his detailed map, it is possible to locate precisely where the various villages were located.


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